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PMV Consult is your partner for the professional build-up, development and operation of airfield fueling systems. We support your project from the planning to the completion - including tasks such as documentation, construction supervision and technical calculations. Integrated, reliable and always very personal.

Long-term experience

Since 2007, we have successfully implemented highly sophisticated projects for national and international clients. You can also benefit from our wide-ranging experience in the fields of civil and mechanical engineering, engineering, process engineering, electrical engineering and supporting structures.

Integrated solutions

The development of the best possible solution for your project and your company - that is our claim. Our specialists contribute their extensive technical knowledge in the construction of facilities and pipelines, as well as detail knowledge of latest technical systems and all required operating procedures.

Consulting, planning and implementation from a single source

Discover our integrated service portfolio for your projects in the field of airfield fueling systems!

Careful preparation, as well as experience in the preparation of approval documents is indispensable for each project. We take over the entire approval management for you and guarantee a smooth process. Thanks to our extensive experience in this field, you can always rely upon a strategic and technical management according to your wishes.

The team of PMV Consult performs in this context the route explorations, fine line routing for pipeline installation and other line objects, including the preparation and negotiation of rights of way, construction permits and the purchase of land.

We consult you in all phases of the project:

  • Preparation of feasibility studies and analyses
  • Concept design
  • Support and authority consultation in the ROV and the planning permission
  • Planning and management of approvals
  • Environmental impact assessments and environmental assessment

In addition to safety-relevant aspects, the construction of facilities and pipelines must always be in conformance with your individual, economical requirements and must be implementable within a reasonable time.

We develop the task definitions and procedural solutions for you. Furthermore, we perform the concept design, the detail design and the final design for the following areas:

  • Airfield fueling systems
  • Pipelines
  • Tank systems

Planning of facilities and pipelines requires a large number of technical evidences and calculations. The specialists in our team perform them properly and reliably for you.

For instance:

  • Pressure shock calculations for fluids
  • Lifetime calculations for pipelines based upon load change detections
  • Evaluation of differential pressure measurements for the determination of pipeline tightness
  • Outlet volume calculations for fluids
  • Evaluation of drop measurements and their impacts upon the strength of pipelines
  • Pipe content calculations for various operating states

We use laser scanning for a fast and complete depiction of complex systems and local occurrences as three-dimensional image. This technology allows us the recording of existing conditions and their individual data.

After the evaluation of laser data we can model building components in the requested detailing degree for you. 3-D-data will be supplemented by high-resolution photos from the laser standpoint. We can generate the following data for you from gained data:

  • As-built-documentation
  • Alteration planning
  • Collision tests
  • Detailed evaluations
  • Sectional drawings

Laser scanning is therefore the ideal data basis for a precise documentation of systems and objects with complete structures and irregular building components.

The lack of detailed and highly-realistic visualizations is unimaginable in the project routine. They help in speeding up planned projects, ease the coordination of all parties involved and allow the implementation of changes shortly prior to the start of construction.

We offer different forms of visualization, for optimal depiction of your project and furthermore, support you actively in your presentations. The application of 3D-animation allows impressive depictions of movements in the three-dimensional room. Our focus lies upon the provision of models and services for a fast and modular check-up of your planning and production systems. For the presentation of realistic 3D-depictions of your CAD-initial data and dynamic analyses in real time, we use innovative simulation tools.

We take over for you the construction supervision and monitoring of your project, in order to guarantee an implementation according to the contract and project. The project schedule will be continuously computer-assisted evaluated and controlled for quality and functionality during the construction time. As construction supervisor we maintain and update the construction file, perform and organize the acceptance and manage the commissioning of the system and the overall system.

Upon completion of the entire construction phase and provision of the performance record, we hand the system over to the Client. We thereby secure the manual revision and the implementation of building plans as basis for the preparation of the as-built documentation.


Discover a selection of reference projects, in which we have successfully supported our customers in the build-up, development and operation of airfield fueling systems.

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Our employees will be personally at your side in each project - from the first consultation, during the joint planning until the implementation. As a team, they have wide project experience and they extensively and comprehensively advise you for optimization of work cycles. Thanks to continuous advanced training , you can depend upon best possible consultation and future-oriented solutions at all times, which are in conformance with the state of the art.

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